Ange Postecoglou First Season


It has been almost exactly a year since Ange Postecgolu arrived in Glasgow, where he was greeted with some obscure takes on his coaching ability. Yes after all who is the man that one every way he had been, that included managing at World Cup. 

A British radio presenter described him with the words "is this a wind-up", which was followed by Rangers legend Ally McCoist commenting that he was loving it referring to the fact he assumed Ange would fail in Scotland. This is just a small example of the reaction the Australian had when coming to Scotland from the lovely small-minded media that the UK has to offer. 

If you were at all interested in doing research on the man though you would have had a very different take on the impressive manager. You only have to listen to a podcast I recorded with Cris Edwards and Alex Bishop two men who knew his style a lot better with both saying it would take stretch but if he was given that time he would succeed.

We are of course just a year on from that appointment and who knows what next season will bring but for Celtic and their fans it has been a great debut season. This was seen as they narrowly defeated Hibernian in the League Cup Final back in December 2021, this was observed by a title win in May making it a double.

According to the Transfer Market site, critics can point to the fact he had a squad worth £72 million. Although he did come out on top against Rangers a side who according to the site has a squad worth £99 million. 

Such stats of course do not win you trophies, hard work, a playing style that gets the most from your side and a bit of luck along the way is what win the trophies. Ange had all three at different times this year, the hard work began after missing out on the Champions League and then losing on the opening day of the season. This was followed with back to back 6-0 wins in the league.

The luck came throughout the season too as Hibernian had a penalty turned down in the 90th minute of that League Cup Final that had it been converted would have taken the match to extra time. Kyoto also scored a vital goal against Hearts in the title race that all replays seem to show that he was in fact offside for. You of course get your own luck in football and when you create as many chances as this Celtic side maybe sometimes that luck will always come your way. 

Although turning to the style and Ange ball I think through could argue that this at times is a joy to watch. The way this side attacked this season as they scored 92 goals must have been fun to watch for their fans and neutrals. 

Next season will now be a huge one and surely the biggest of the 56-year-olds career, towards the end of August he will find out who his Celtic side will face in the Champions League group stages. While before that, he has a summer to shape his side as they prepare for a big season with a much tougher Scottish Premiership expected.

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