Trouble at Vissel Kobe


Vissel Kobe wish to be the most successful and well known side in Asia but right now things are not going to plan. On the 20th March they parted company with manager Atsuhiro Miura after a poor start to the 2022 J League season. 

Currently Spaniard Lluís Planagumà Ramos is in temporary charge of the club with his first match coming on the 2nd April against newly promoted Kyoto Sanga. The side need to pick up points quickly as they could end next weekend eight matches into the season and in the J League relegation zone. 

It is a scenario that no one at the club wished to be in and with the second biggest budget in Japanese football it's not a situation they should be in. As in 2014 Rakuten took control of the club with the aim to make the club the biggest in Asia, this was followed by big name signings such as David Villa and Andrés Iniesta.

They have won an Emperor's Cup and Japanese Super Cup in this time along with a Semi Finals appearance in the Asian Champions League but their best league finish as been third last season which came under Miura. 

The plan this season was of course to improve on this but things have gone very badly and the board clearly decided a big change at the top was needed. The reason the club with talent such as Andres Iniesta, Bojan Krkic, Sergi Samper and Yuya Osako have fell short many say is due to the inability to get the best from this talent. 

While its clear they are not getting the best from the talent one of the main reasons for this is the fact they can't utilise their better players. For example, in a recent match with Shimizu S-Pulse they failed to score despite having 70% of the ball and 19 shots on goals. 

With a frontline of Ōsako a player who plays for Japan and has played in the top league in Germany along with the Brazilian Lincoln who's played at the top in Brazil they should have enough to score goal. Especially when supported by Spanish midfielders Bojan and Iniesta.

I guess the main issue for the new man will be to make sure they can find a balance in the team and that they can use Iniesta correctly making sure at 37-years-old he does not burn out. 

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