The stadium that will not be built


Chinese football has gone a full 360 in recent times, it seems a lifetime ago fans of European football were complaining about the CSL taking top talent on ridiculous wages. Then in April 2020, just months into the pandemic Guangzhou released extraordinary plans to build a 100,000 seated stadium bigger than Barcelona's Camp Nou. 

Reports in recent months are that these plans are very much ceased,  as the Evergrande Group the original backer handed over many of their projects to the state. The group themselves are currently debt-ridden this came after the company failed to meet repayment deadlines. The reason for the collapse is linked to new laws Beijing brought in to control the amount owed by big real estate developers.

The collapse has meant that the Chinese state has brought up many private development plans to complete. It was reported originally the stadium would be completed by 2023, however, all work stopped on the ground in April 2021. 

The plans for the stadium are unclear, currently, it seems that the state does not plan to keep to the original grand plans and this could lay empty for years to come.

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