Sagan Tosu close in on Kenyan forward Dunga

J-League 1 side, Sagan Tosu have reportedly completed talks to agree to the signing of Kenyan forward Ismael Dunga. Tosu will be hopeful he will replicate the success of Kashiwa Reysol's ex Kenyan striker, Michael Olunga who banged in goals for fun. 

Move announced by Dunga's Albanian club 

Ismael Dunga is/was currently on the books for Albanian side, Vllaznia Shkoder. The 27-year-old striker previously won the Albanian top division with KF Tirana before transferring to Vllanzia Shkoder, and according to the ever-reliable Transfermarket, Dunga has a decent goalscoring record in Albania, scoring 5 goals in 9 matches for his current side, and 4 in 16 for KF Tirana, and scoring 10 in 29 for FC LuftĂ«tari.

Those numbers are decent enough, and maybe Olunga has paved the way for other J-League clubs to take the plunge on bringing Kenyans to Japan. 

Dunga's current club said, “The talks between the parties have been successful and are finally concluded. Vllaznia Shkoder is convinced to let Dunga go in exchange of $90,000 and the striker’s move is expected to be made official in the coming hours."

Nothing seemingly official yet...

Only, and Nairobi News seem to be reporting on this story, and with this seemingly coming from Dunga's Albanian club side. If this deal does come off, then fair play to both those websites for jumping the gun, but both are hardly the epitome of reputable sources when it comes to transferring news, a bit like the Sun newspaper announcing Man United will sign 400 players every summer.

The Albanian club could be pulling people's legs and trying to tout the player about, or it could be legit. Who knows, we will just have to watch this space. One thing for sure though, if this Dunga fella moves to the J-League and bangs in goals for fun like Olunga, maybe more Kenyans will end up rocking J-League sides in the future. 

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