Asian Champions League rebrand

As we began 2021, the Asian Champions League released it's rebrand to the public. I would imagine the thinking behind this was that it will help to attract a larger audience but in reality, the AFC brand logos just got a lick of fresh paint. 

The rebrand

The Asian Football Confederation began the new year with a range of new logos in a bid to make their brand stand out and become even more recognisable. 

This saw all the AFC major tournaments receive a new logo such as the AFC Asian Qualifiers, AFC Asian Cup, AFC Women’s Asian Cup, AFC U23 Asian Cup, and the AFC Champions League and AFC Cup. 

These will be seen throughout the above tournaments on all AFC social media channels along with them being displayed throughout the stadiums and every TV broadcasts of these events. While this rebrand is not groundbreaking and it has come in for criticism on social media I feel overall it is a step in the right direction in bringing the Asian game to a larger audience. The first thing that comes to mind as they push these designs out is that the AFC will look to promote further social media interaction with fans and from a quick glance online that seems to be working. 

That is seen itself as by the end of Monday the video tweeted out from the AFC Twitter profile had been viewed over 13,000 times. The AFC said the idea behind these fresh ideas is to bring fans of Asian football "fresh and visually captivating content across all of the AFC’s official channels".

The hope will be this will work and that Asian Football is accessible to a larger audience, as with South American football on the TV in many English speaking countries throughout the world it will be fantastic to see this happening with Asian football too which I feel has so much to offer.

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