Kyoto Sanga to sell New Era collaboration beanie


J2 league side, Kyoto Sanga will have a beanie for sale at their match on Wednesday night, which will be released in collaboration with New Era, an international cap company who make the official NBA caps.

Kyoto Sanga - New Era basic cuff knit beanie

The Kyoto Sanga beanie is being labelled as simple but stylish, with a purple KS on the front, that obviously represents Kyoto Sanga. Combined with the New Era logo slightly off to the left side of the noggin. 

A yellow love heart, that looks similar to the Alkaline Trio logo also features between the KS and New Era logo. Giving the connotation that the wearer loves KS (Kyoto Sanga) and New Era (caps/hats) a bit or equally as much as each other who really knows. 

The beanie will be sold at Kyoto Sanga's game against Okayama tomorrow evening. It's unclear whether it will continue to be sold after Wednesday's evening's fixture, as the original post on Kyoto Sanga's Facebook page didn't stipulate. 

The hat looks alright, but the design could have been a lot better from such an 'international company'. Although, most of their designs are similar to this, with a teams logo or initials printed on the front. 

What I do really like, is the shade of purple Kyoto Sanga use, it gives everything a very unique look and feels to any products made for them because not many footy clubs use that shade/tone of purple. 

If I lived in Japan and was going to the match, I would be buying it, but then again, I'm a bit of a sucker for footy gear. 

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