Taichung Blue Whale's Michelle Pao wins Mulan League Golden Boot


Taichung Blue Whale's Michelle Pao went into the final game of the Mulan League (Women's League) season joint-top goalscorer with Wu Shih-ping on 17 goals. That all changed on the final day. 

Pao blasts in four goals to end the season with the Golden Boot

Michelle Pao scored four goals against Huang Yuen in the final game of the season in Kaohsiung to prod her nose in front of her competitor, Wu Shih Ping, who only managed two goals in her tough game against Inter Taoyuan.

Pao broke the record from last season which stood at 19 goals and was helped by her team mate, Lee Hsiu-chin. Pao brings a wealth of experience of playing abroad and for the national team, as she has played for club sides in the US, Sweden, and Japan, and that level of knowledge is what seems to be giving her the edge over the rest of the league at the moment. 

Taichung Blue Whale have been a dominant force in the Mulan League, despite this however, Pao will have to content herself with being the league top scorer, as the championship went to Hualien this year. Make no mistake though, Taiching Blue Whale will be regrouping over the close season, and coming back determined to take their title back from Hualien next season. 

Taichung is slowly becoming a hotbed for both mens and womens football, with both Taichung Blue Whale and Taichung Futuro performing exceptionally well in the Women's and Men's league respectively.

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