R&F withdraw from the Hong Kong Premier League


Guangzhou based Hong Kong Premier League side, R&F, who is the sister club of Chinese Super League side, Guangzhou R&F, have decided to pull out of the Hong Kong Premier League ‘with immediate effect’ 

R&F end four years in the Hong Kong Premier League without winning a trophy

R&F (Hong Kong) have spent four years playing in the Hong Kong Premier League, and during this time they have failed to win a single trophy, despite being the highest spenders in the league. 

The club often signed the outstanding players in the league at the end of every season, in an attempt to win the title. This strategy has been an outright failure, showing that money isn't the only thing needed to win trophies, even if it does help greatly.

However, money doesn't build a team, and even with spunking away the cash on the leagues best players, you still need to find a way to mould them into a team. The 2019/20 season has been the closest R&F have come to lifting the title, but matters weren't in their own hands going into the final match of the season. 

Relying on bottom side Happy Valley to defeat Hong Kong football stalwarts Kitchee was a tall ask. That's what was needed for R&F to win the league, Kitchee spanked Happy Valley 4-0 at the iconic Mong Kok Stadium to remind R&F who are the big boys of Hong Kong Football. 

R&F were due to play and train in Hong Kong because of COVID-19 restrictions 

R&F since joining the league have been based in Guangzhou, China. This is unlike every other team which competes in the Hong Kong Premier League, with the other nine sides all being based in Hong Kong. 

This season that was all due to change because of the COVID-19 restrictions that are in place in the country in an attempt to stop the virus' continued spread. As far as we are aware, this would be the first time that aside from China was going to base themselves in Hong Kong to compete in the Premier League, and their manager, Yeung Ching-kwong, even sent out messages saying that training would commence on Monday. 

However, a statement was released by the side stating their intention to immediately withdraw from the league. It remains to be seen what will happen to the club's players with the club pulling out of the league, but we presume that would mean that their players would (or should) be considered as free agents, and able to move on to other clubs. This could be good news for the other eight sides who will remain in the Hong Kong Premier League, because it means there should be some pretty good players clubs are able to pick up, dare I say it, on the cheap. 

With players likely to be desperate to find clubs, this could give some of the smaller clubs to sign players they may not normally have a chance to sign, due to players' pressing needs to find clubs, and be a part of the action again.

The fact that R&F have been the highest league spenders without winning a trophy, combined with COVID-19 and all the restrictions that have been put in place, due to the contagious spreading of the virus, seems to be what have pushed R&F over the edge and announce that they will be leaving the league, and by leaving the league, they mean right bloody now! No notice period necessary.

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