Ex Middlesbrough Korean forward Lee Dong-Gook retires

At the age of 41-years-old, the Korean forward Lee Dong-gook who has played in England and Germany alongside Korea has retired. He announced the news before his sides final game of the season with Daegu on Sunday where he looks set to win his eighth with K League title of his career with Jeonbuk. 

Lee bids farewell 

The veteran striker Lee Dong-gook will bid farewell to his football career on Sunday that began with Pohang Steelers back in 1998. He in fact then went on to make over 100 appearances for the side before transferring to England with a move to Middlesbrough in 2007. 

The news came out through the striker's social media channels and am sure many fans of the Korean game will wish him well, especially those fans of Jeonbuk. Despite his inability to score a Premiership goal with Middlesbrough from social media posts, I've read fans of the North East English side will wish him well too. 

Back to Korea Lee is a player to be respected as he is the K-League's all-time leading scorer with 228 goals and he has more goals than anyone else in the Asian Champions League, the continent's top club competition, with 37 goals.

His video statement reads;
I made the decision to retire as I believe it is not the end, but a start to something new. I will always have the memories of fans who chanted my name and the moments of joy and glory that we shared. I am grateful for those who supported me on and off the pitch over the long period of 23 years. I was very happy as a player.

The only thing I think Lee will look back on and feel disappointed about will be that despite playing over 100 times for his country he did not play at the 2002 World Cup when his nation reached the semifinal. 

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