Wuhan Zall fans emotional return to watch their team


Wuhan Zall fans made an emotional return to watch their team play this weekend when 300 of them made the 450 mile trip to Suzhou to see their side take on Beijing Guoan. 

Tears of joy when Wuhan equalized

300 Wuhan Zall fans made the trip to the Chinese city of Suzhou, where one half of the Chinese Super League (CSL) matches are taking place. This is the first time they have watched their team play in the CSL since the Coronavirus broke out in the city in December last year.

It is wonderful seeing them back watching their team, as the Chinese Football Association (CFA) has slowly decided to open the stands to the stadium, this led Wuhan supporter, Gao Yajun to tell the AFP that, "When the two foreign players scored and we equalised, we couldn't help but burst into tears in the stands."

We are very pleased to see Wuhan's fans back at the football and hope more of them can be in attendance in the future, the support they have given the team throughout this pandemic has been immense.

This is especially when many of them turned up at the airport to welcome the team home when the club had been stranded in Spain for months with sides refusing to see them. No doubt that moment will live with those players for the rest of their careers, and the Zall fans have shown how much they love their team and city. 

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