The Hong Kong Premier League resumes with only six sides


The Hong Kong Premier League has been suspended since March due to the Coronavirus pandemic sweeping around the world, but last weekend, the League got underway with only six teams competing. 

Hong Kong Premier League resumes with a top-level banger

The Hong Kong Premier League resumed with a top-level banger which is the countries equivalent to a Liverpool vs Man City big club ding dong. In Hong Kong terms this means that Eastern was facing Kitchee, two of the most well-known clubs from the league. 

Eastern won the match 2-1, which keeps alive their hopes of clinching some trophies come to the end of the season. Diego Moreira headed in the opener for Eastern after the break, Nikola Komazec then gave Kitchee the equaliser, levelling up with a goal spanked in from the penalty spot. Chung Wai Keung then grabbed the winning goal for Eastern. 

In the day's other matches, Warriors defeated Happy Valley 2-0, and R&F and Southern drew 2-2 while having a player each red-carded. 

The league drops down to six teams due to Coronavirus

Tai Po, Pegasus, Yuan Long and Rangers have all dropped out of the competition, taking the league down to six teams from the original ten. Most sides who pulled out stated that they could not continue due to the special situation that the Coronavirus has created. Tai Po stated that they had issues with their sponsor due to the pandemic.

It's good that the league has eventually re-started after a  six-month-long hiatus. Hopefully once the season is eventually completed, and if the world goes back to some kind of normality, then it would be great for football in Hong Kong if some of the teams return. 

One thing which could be explored in my opinion would be a joint Hong Kong and Macau league, all they need to do is pop themselves on the ferry for a bit, or drive over that massive bridge that was built. It would be easy to do, but politically it would likely be impossible as both 'countries' would likely prefer to keep their own distinct leagues, similar to other small countries around the world.

We just hope the league will grow again, once clubs have managed to find a way to deal with the current situation, but we are glad to see football back in Hong Kong amid all the current difficulties of running sports leagues safely, or anything else for that matter involving groups of people. 

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