Taiwan Steel's emphatic 9-2 victory over Taipower puts them in the ascendency to win the title


The pre-season favourites to win the Taiwan Premier League - Taiwan Steel, have put themselves in the ascendency after a thumping 9-2 victory over Taiwan's footballing powerhouse, Taipower.

Could this be a seismic shift of power in Taiwanese football?

Taipower, along with Tatung have been the dominant football clubs when it comes to Taiwanese football. Taiwan Steel have sent a message with this result that is likely to reverberate throughout the footballing community on the island.

The message is likely to be a discussion around about a shift in power from dominant clubs, Taipower and Tatung. As the two sides have had such a firm grip on winning the league and being the dominant sides, no one really suspected that this grip would ever be loosened by some unruly upstarts. 

However, Taiwan Steel defeating Taipower 9-2 is the equivalent to taking a pesky mosquito, and instead of getting out your fly squatter, going into the shed, coming out with a nine iron and gleefully smashing the mosquito over the distance while cheerily shouting fore. 

The message has been signed, sealed and delivered. Taiwan Steel means business, and are galloping to the final furlong like Frankie Dettori with a Rory McIlroy nine iron instead of a regular little horsewhip for anyone who stands in their way, declaring, 'prepare to be smashed.' 

Taiwan Steel and Taichung Futuro, pesky upstarts

Taiwan Steel previously Tainan City, who had never really troubled any of the teams at the top of the League. That was until they received investment from the Taiwan Steel Group and decided to buy up the leagues best players, in particular, the leagues best goalscorers, Marco Fenelus and Benchy. 

The moves didn't look to be paying off at the start of the season, as Taiwan Steel struggled to find their rhythm, but once they managed to click, they have been an unstoppable force flying up the league table. Currently, Taiwan Steel looks odds on to become champions for the first time. 

Taichung Futuro on the other hand really are upstarts, starting out life as a football academy based in the central Taiwanese city of Taichung, they have been in the Taiwan Premier League for a couple of seasons now, and their Japanese connections are starting to bear fruit. 

Their playing style is very Japanese influenced, and in signing South Korean striker Joo Ik-seong from Hang Yuen, who has proven to be instrumental in their charge up the table scoring vital goals.

These two sides are providing a paradigm shift for the Taiwan Premier League and are challenging the hegemonic hold that Taipower and Tatung have had on Taiwanese football for as long as the sport has been played in Taiwan. 

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