Taiwan hold training camp and set to play friendlies against Taipower and Taichung Futuro


The CTFA (Chinese Taipei Football Association), as Taiwan's FA are known, have called up a squad of domestic-based players for a training camp and two friendly matches against Taipower and Taichung Futuro.

Taiwan is becoming forward-thinking

Taiwan is forward-thinking, which offers a change. The previous three Taiwanese national team managers - Kazuo Kuroda, Gary White, and Louis Lancaster were all forward-thinking and made progress to some degree with the national side. 

Add in the change of chairman, with Chiou I-jen needing FIFA to get involved to oust the previous incumbent Lin Yung-cheng, who was creating fake football associations to vote for himself. Then it will come as no surprise to anyone that Taiwan is now making strides in the right direction since I-jen wrestled power from the corrupt ways of Yung-cheng. 

They have since started a second division that allows promotion and relegation from the Taiwan Premier League while starting youth leagues for both boys and girls. This all bodes well for the future.

Taiwan have again shown that they are starting to consider the tomorrow instead of just thinking about the here and now, by organising these training camps and friendlies even though all World Cup and Asian Cup matches in Asia have been postponed because of the Coronavirus. Even though its only domestic players for obvious reasons, and friendlies against Taiwanese club sides, it is better than sitting on their backside with their finger up their bum like in the past. 

At least it's a good chance for the new manager Vom Ca-nhum to take a look at the players and get his tactics and views across before important matches coming up next in the year in the pre-group playoff round of the Asian Cup qualifiers because there is no hope for the country to finish high enough in the qualifying group to miss out on those pre-qualifiers.

Taiwan to play friendlies against 1st and 2nd in the Taiwan Premier League

The reasons are clear why they have chosen Taipower and Taichung Futuro for their friendlies. They occupy second and the first spot in the league respectively and have been the best two sides in the league this season. As well as being the best two sides in the league, they both have a very different playing style.

Taipower likes to play possession football. They are the best passing side in the Taiwan Premier League, regardless of how the game is going, they will stick to their fluid style, while they attempt to carve out openings by working the ball into the box with intricate passing triangles. Possession is king where Taipower is concerned. 

On the other hand, the best way to describe Taichung Futuro is functional. They deploy the team in a rigid formation, with every player on the pitch knowing what their role in the team should be, and how they should perform it. 

Rigid would be the footy manager definition, however, Taiwanese sides in the Premier League have found it difficult to deal with exceptional organisation and shape. Taichung Futuro must have been the first team I have seen in my 10 years in Taiwan who have implemented this playing style exceptionally well, and it might even drive them all the way to the title which would be a major upset. 

These are the best two sides Taiwan could possibly get a friendly against given the current circumstances with COVID-19 and the limited travel options. So well done to the CTFA for organising this, and things are all heading in the right direction, although not everything will go swimmingly, at least the right intentions are now there to move the football in the right direction at last.

The matches will take place in the southern Taiwanese city - Kaohsiung.

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