Seoul E-Land's brilliant match day poster for match against Chungnam Asan

The poster Seoul E-Land produced a brilliant poster for matchday 19 of K League 2 against Chungnam Asan, which included references to both teams nicknames.

The Leopards vs the Owls

I have always been a sucker for a good poster, and Seoul E-Land have produced a superb one. The advertisement was created for the match in the K League 2, where E-Land hosted Chungnam Asan, E-Land is known as the Leopards and Chungnam Asan are known as the Owls.

What gives the poster its brilliance was how they made reference to both these nicknames, by having a leopard hover a birds nest. With one word "CRUSH" in bold letters. An added touch of superb was a couple of birds feathers falling out of the nest in yellow and blue, Chungnam Asan colours. 

A big shoutout to hardcore Seoul E-Land fan, Big Michael on Twitter, who shared this image, and drew our attention to it. 


The Leopards didn't crush nothing

Seoul E-Land didn't crush anything, as they lost 1-0. Armin Mujakic slotting home a penalty with aplomb after Kim Dong-gwon lost his mind and gave him a sly elbow dig in the back when there was zero threat of a goal. Senseless comes to mind. 

The win was something of a smash and grab by Chungam Asan mind, as E-Land had them on the back foot for the majority of the match, which proves that side do have the possibility of ending the season in the playoffs but they need to put their chances away while stopping their defenders from senseless fouls in the box. 

K League 2 is currently still very tight, even if Jeju United have slightly pulled away at the top, but they are by no means out of sight. At the moment, anyone from Suwon in 2nd, to E-Land in 6th will be in or around the playoffs come the end of the season if they maintain some kind of similar form. 

Asan's smash and grab win puts them at second-bottom on 18 points, which pulls them closer to Bucheon who are third-bottom on 20 points and Bucheon are a wonderful example of how quickly K League 2 can change because Bucheon were at the top of the table for a while when the league got underway, but have sunk like a stone since those first few weeks. 

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