Jiangsu Suning going unpaid

Reports surfaced last week that CSL side Jiangsu Suning linked to the Suning Holdings Group that also owns Inter Milan players have gone unpaid. These reports have been dismissed by the club but if there is any truth at all in the story it will be a worry for all involved. 

Unpaid players 

This pandemic has affected everyone and large businesses and football clubs have been no different, so it maybe came as no surprise when last week reports came to light that the Suning players had gone unpaid. It then resulted if the story is to believe in the players refusing to train until unpaid wages where paid. 

Reports of this nature where though later denied by the club as they said in a statement "All the allegations about our club are rumours. After achieving a big win at last round, the team conducted a recovery training under the guidance of their head coach this afternoon to prepare for the upcoming match". 

Although I say denied it could be said this statement was deliberately vague fueling more fire to the rumour that there could have been truth in the story. 

Since this story came to light the club have played twice first beating Shandong Luneng and then drawing with Dalian last weekend. 

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