Incheon United - the great escape

Incheon United the side known for the great escape could be on for staying in the K League once again after a 6-0 win over Seongnam. They have huffed and buffed all season but with just four matches remaining they sit in the eleventh place above Busan IPark on goal difference. 

The escape 

For much of the season watching Incheon United has been a chor rather than pleasure well unless you're are a satanist. In fact, until 19 matches into the season they had not scored more than a goal during any game, this was changed though when they defeated Gangwon 3-2. 

That win for sure is the one that looks to have really sparked the side into action although the sacking of Lim Joong-Yong at the start of August was the turning point. As it was at this period the side started to believe that they could in fact put together some sort of run. 

As with Lim Wan-Sup who started the season and then Lim Joong-Yong who replaced him the club did not manage a win. Although since Cho Sung-hwan has come in he has slowly helped steer them in the right direction as the side at least believe now they can win matches. 

While it might not look all that impressive on paper since coming in Cho has led the side to four league wins in nine matches. Considering they did not win any of their first 15 fixtures it is not a bad feat. 

Six not out 

Fast forward from the start of the season till now and Incheon sits just safe in the K League 1 after a phenomenal win away against Seongnam. They did this with a win by six goals to none, although it was helped with the home side having the two minute sending off. 

Of course, playing against ten men does not always mean you will win especially when you are the side sitting bottom of the table. Although saying all of this the sending off to Yeon Je-Woon after just two minutes did throw Seongham game plan out the window. 

To make matters worse was the referee gave just a yellow card for the offence but after VAR got involved this was changed to a red card. It was clearly the correct call as the Incheon United striker Mugoša was clean through on goal otherwise. The fact the Montenegrin then went on to score a hat trick makes you think he may well have scored this time had he not been taken out. 

Despite all of this the away side did rally round and managed to get six goals in a K League match for the first time and huge credit must go to them for that. Now then with just four games left the question is will they avoid the drop?

Their final matches in order are Suwon Bluewings, Gangwon, Busan IPark and then on Halloween FC Seoul for sure it is the scary end to the season but it could still finish in joy for Cho's men. 

Something though that may put a spanner in the works, however, is that rumours emerged over the weekend that their hattrick hero Stefan Mugoša could have played his last match of the season. This is not because of injury but due to him being called up by Montenegro for their international matches in October and then with quarantine rules, he will have no chance to play again this season. 

It should be pointed out that one Montenegro have yet to pick their squad and second in the September fixtures European sides did not pick players playing outside of Europe because of these quarantine rules.


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