Adelaide United announce Chinese sportswear brand UCAN as their global technical partner


Today Adelaide United announced a partnership with a sportswear company not a lot of people will have heard of, or know about. However, the response to the new kit has been resoundingly positive. 

Adelaide announce the club-record deal and become the first overseas side to wear UCAN kits

Adelaide United announced in their press release about their new kit manufacturer UCAN that have agreed to what will be a club-record deal for Adelaide United to become their technical partner. This is the first time that the brand have provided kits for a professional team outside of China, and we don't think it will be the last either. 

Becoming a technical partner means that UCAN have agreed to provide Adelaide United with bespoke playing, training and travel wear for their players and coaches. They will be the partner for the next three years. If every kit released goes down as well as this one mind then I wouldn't be surprised if they ended up supplying kits for longer than three years.

The kit itself has garnered a very positive response in only a few hours and most sizes of the new kit are already sold out in the online shop, with fans hoping a re-stock will happen in order for more supporters to get their hands on the much-wanted shirt. 

If UCAN continues like this, then more clubs will definitely be looking to them as a possible kit manufacturer.  

About UCAN

UCAN was founded in 1988 and are based in the Chinese city of Guangzhou, they have been making kits for 30 odd years and have made kits for Chinese League One side, Shenyang Haishi as well as Adelaide's partner club Qingdao Red Lions. 

UCAN have been flirting with the idea of expanding outside of the Chinese speaking market, and Australia is the first market they went to. Before this deal, UCAN kits could only be seen in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan with various professional and amateur sides wearing the garb. My very own ex-pat team bought UCAN kits, and we were very impressed with them, as you hear some very bad things about kits being bought from China, but these ones were very good. 

This deal with Adelaide United will give UCAN more exposure in the world of football and I get the feeling that they will steadily continue to build a good sports profile, and eventually we will see them expand beyond China and Australia at some point in the future. When you compared the cost of kits to the quality of the kit, worth it doesn't even cover it.

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