Taichung Futuro regain top spot in the Taiwan Premier League

remove_imagePhoto: Futuro Taichung Football Academy

Taichung Futuro went into the weekend matches sitting second in the table, in close pursuit of frontrunners, Taipower. That was about to change at full time. 

Hard fought 1-0 win sends Futuro back to the top spot

Taichung Futuro found themselves stuck in a more difficult game than they were probably expecting when they faced Mingchuan University on their own patch. 

As their opponents pushed hard during the first half, and the side who are currently second bottom in the league in 7th spot couldn't find a way through despite all the effort. One may say, all huff and puff, but not managing to blow the house down.

The first half ended tightly balanced and tied at 0-0. This changed quickly after the restart. Mingchuan lost the ball in the middle of the park, and Futuro quickly switched the play from one flank to another, then Jiang Hao-ren found himself sprinting through on goal, and slotting home his one on one chance to give his side the lead.

Futuro's rigidness proved to be too much for a side struggling for goals and points, Mingchuan couldn't find a way to equalise, and now find themselves cut adrift at the bottom of the league with Red Lions, both teams are on five points after 14 matches. 

Futuro is now back on top spot after the victory as Taipower didn't manage to defeat Hang Yuen, that match ending 0-0. Futuro finds themselves top on 30 points, Taipower is second also on 30 points. 

Futuro is likely ahead due to whatever tiebreaker the CTFA use, but as Taipower have a better goal difference, we presume head to head will be the tiebreaker. However, no one can really know when it comes to Taiwan and the CTFA. 

After today's results, the battle for the title is heating up to be more interesting than ever before. 

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