Qatar bid to host the Asian Cup 2027


Qatar the reigning Asian Cup champions have bid for the rights to host the Asian Cup in 2027. The next Asian Cup is due to take place in China in 2023.

Qatar put in a strong bid for Asian Cup hosting rights

Qatar has put in a strong bid to host the Asian Cup in 2027 because when they host the 2022 World Cup (COVID-19 provided. It could still be rumbling on, but we hope it isn't!) I believe they will pull off hosting a brilliant tournament despite the controversy surrounding the bidding, and the date changes. 

I still believe a World Cup in Qatar is going to be amazing, and a World Cup in the Middle East will definitely be something special, add in the fact that you could watch one game in the afternoon and the evening, and that it is the last World Cup before the expansion, and the Qatar World Cup is going to be a pretty special one.

This means that their bid to host the Asian Cup is going to look very strong after they have all the infrastructure built all ready for the World Cup, and then they will have proven that they can run a successful tournament. This means that the bid is going to be very tricky to beat for the other bidding nations who all have their fair shot at winning the rights.

The four other countries so far who have sent their interest to the AFC are India, Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia, and Iran. A few of these countries get a bad rap, but they will all be amazing destinations for the Asian Cup finals. It is going to be tough to defeat Qatar, especially as it looks like Qatar losing ground to any of the other bidders, then they could turn to their World Cup trick of 'buying' it.

Five unique destinations

Whichever country the AFC decides to plump for, they're all pretty iconic in our opinion. The great thing about most Asian countries with enough infrastructure in place to host the Asian Cup is that they're mostly pretty impressive, or great destinations that a lot of fans would like to visit. 

Qatar - maybe not as iconic as some of the others on the list, but has a vast array of wonderful Middle Eastern architecture, forts, museums, mosques, souqs and beaches. In fact, it looks wonderful, and everyone to a man that I know is devastated that they bought the rights to host the World Cup, but I am thoroughly looking forward to going there (by half insisting and half persuading the Mrs why it is a must). 

Qatar has been knocked a lot by people since the World Cup bribing scandal, but I am determined to go there as it looks wonderful. 

India - Everyone knows full well what India has to offer a tourist as not only would you get to see the continents biggest football tournament, but you would also get a chance to see some of the numerous famous attractions throughout the world. The Taj Mahal is known the world over, but it is not all that is on offer in India.

Palaces, forts, markets, a vast array of different cultures to see, the food, the temples, and all the historical sites you can think of. India would be an amazing location for the Asian Cup.

Uzbekistan - Uzbekistan is definitely off the beaten track when it comes to most tourists, so their attractions are not as well known as some more famous destinations on the list. However, central Asia is one of the oldest regions in the World and their history goes back centuries.

It is possible to see history in real life that dates back to the 1400s, and for a lot of people, this would be a real top drawer attraction along with getting to watch some footy. Getting there could be problematic though, as it is a difficult location to fly to. 

Saudi Arabia - Now Saudi Arabia is famous for a lot of reasons, and tourism is not one of them, but not many people will know that the Saudi's are working hard to try to grow their tourism sector. With a whole host of buildings such as mosques and fortresses along with the Masjid where they hold the Hajj then Saudi Arabia will have more to offer than expected.

One concern could be female supporters and certain aspects of Saudi law for visiting fans.

Iran - Iran is one of the most iconic countries in the world, that we presume a lot of people would like to visit one day. Drowning in history with sites from the 16th century to visit, along with all kinds of bazaars. Iran is any tourists dream.

Add in the passion they have for football, and Iran could be an insane choice for the finals. Definitely a banging atmosphere, and some wonderful tourist attractions to see. Two main concerns from us would be that it is not easy to get to from a lot of countries, and they don't allow female supporters, into the stadiums. Other than that, I am all in on Iran for hosting the finals, if female supporters could be allowed of course. 

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