Korean Football Association post wonderful 'pictures of the past'

South Korea has a long and proud history, and recently the South Korean Football Association (KFA) have published a mega photographic journey of that history on their website

1882 - 1947

Football was allegedly brought to Incheon, South Korea by the crew of the Flying Fish, which belonged to the British Navy. 

As Incheon is a port city, it makes sense that this would be the birthplace of Korean football, just like most countries around the world, the game was spread to one country to another by some kind of workforce, armed forces, or immigrants. 

South Korea, as it turns out is no different. How ironic that football first came to Incheon, and now Incheon is one of the most depressing sides to support in the K League. 

Koreans obviously developed a liking for the sport, as a handful of clubs developed between the years 1882 and 1947. According to the history page on the KFA site, culminating this period with a key event in 1947. Seoul Football Club went to play in the first away match in a tournament in China. This was the first away game since Korean independence. 

The years in between

South Korea developed from being a footballing backwater to what they are known of today. An Asian football powerhouse and a country that is capable of developing exceptional footballers, with one of the most famous being Park Ji-sung who played for Manchester United. 

Park Ji-sung is that famous he is known the world over, while the current superstar of South Korea is undoubtedly Son Heung-min, currently one of the leading attacking players in the Premier League, and without a doubt, one of Tottenham's best-attacking players.

South Korea during these years, transformed the identity of their national team and players, from a team of no-hopers to one where people expect them to be at finals and expect to see Korean players in the top leagues throughout the World. 

This great work is still ongoing, as Korea has developed exceptionally and continue to do so when you compare them to other nations around Asia. There aren't many Asian nations that can compete with them. 

2010 - 2019

I have fast-forwarded quite a chunk of history, as is obvious, but if you'd like to check out the years in between check the link at the top of this page. 

Korean football has developed to become one of Asia's powerhouse nations. They have become a mainstay at World Cups, and at youth tournaments at all levels, as well as managing to qualify for women's and futsal tournaments. 

The images archived on the KFA website are superb, and I would highly suggest anyone with an interest in historical photography, Korean football, or Asian football to go and check it out. 

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