K League stars could take pay-cuts

This week reports suggested that the KFA have met with high profile K League players about taking pay-cuts. This comes as the coronavirus pandemic continues to have a huge impact on football worldwide. 

Pay cuts needed 

In July the KFA was quoted as saying (rough translation) "We plan to discuss the annual salary cuts with representatives and senior players from each K League side in August. This led to us deciding to set up a date for the meeting."

There are worries throughout the league about how this will happen by asking players to take pay-cuts. It is thought that these discussions were always planned after the league had to suspend for two months costing clubs and the league money. 

The league is now up and running and things look to be going well with fans even returning to matches last weekend although this was with just 10% of the stadium capacity allowed entry. 

Despite this, the lack of fans and a reduction to a 33 match league as went all clubs as seen a decrease in their yearly income. 

With these issues of income being clear for everyone, you would imagine the discussions over wage-cuts with players should run smoothly as everyone looks to make sure the K League can stay strong in these odd times. Although if reports we have read which were translated correctly from Korean this suggests these talks could be harder than first thought. 

Then with no clear idea of when sides can return to normal, the league needed to act and this is why these discussions have begun. It looks like these chats will be direct with players and not their agents and this could help the whole thing run a bit easier. 

The league and the KFA have also wished to make it clear the player's cuts are not been put in place for the players to take the loss away from the league but rather that with the loss of sponsorship and revenue from fans everyone will need to make sacrifices. 

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