Cunliffe not ready for Guam retirement


Jason Cunliffe has recently been appointed the U17 Guam coach, but he stated that he has no plans to retire from senior national team football. 

Cunliffe wants to reach 100 caps

Cunliffe, who is 36 and standing on 53 caps, scoring 22 goals has insisted that he is determined to make it into the century (caps) club despite already being at a peak age for a footballer.

He stated that he is fit, and trains hard in order to obviously keep himself in shape to keep pumping out performances for Guam. 22 goals in 53 matches for a footballing minnow is a marvellous achievement and there is no doubt that Cunliffe will keep playing for Guam for as long as his body allows him to.

This is good news for the Guam Football Association because Cunliffe is an inspirational role model for the younger players coming through, so it is good for the Guam FA to have Cunliffe involved at youth level, but also still involved with the senior side playing. This will mean he will be able to act as a bridge and support the youngsters through their transition from youth team to seniors, meaning he will not only act as a role model.

One of the major points about Cunliffe is he is passionate about football in Guam. This passion is infectious and can only be a great thing. With people like Cunliffe involved in Guam's football scene, there is no reason why they cannot get back to where they were when they shocked India and made headlines around the world.

Passion and hard work are infectious, especially when you show this to youngsters coming through, and especially when they are seeing and hearing it from a guy who has been the captain of the Guam national side for so long. Cunliffe will inspire more be as passionate as him, therefore Guam could produce a team of battlers in the future, no matter what their results are, and this is a good road to plough along on. 

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