CPC Corporation FC win top of the table clash in Taiwan Second Division

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The weekend just gone saw an early season top of the table clash between two unbeaten sides in the Taiwan Second Division, CPC Corporation and Inter Taoyuan. Both sides had played two, and won two prior to this fixture, with CPC holding the first spot on goal difference.

CPC take control of the Taiwan Second Division 

CPC Corporation FC (otherwise known as the petrol station) won 1-0 against Inter Taoyuan in an early top of the table clash in the Taiwan Second Division. The goal came from midfielder Kai-Wen Chen after coming off the bench.

Not only have CPC won all their matches, they have won the first two games at a canter, with Inter Taoyuan providing them their only solid test to date. CPC defeated Andy Chen Academy 5-2 in the opening weekend and then Saturday Football International 7-0 in the second week. Another solid 1-0 against potential title contenders Inter Taoyuan puts CPC in a solid position to kick on and lead a charge to the Taiwan Premier League.

Inter Taoyuan to be contenders

Inter Taoyuan have already shown enough in their opening matches to give a sign that they will be contenders throughout the season for the top spot or that vital playoff spot for finishing second. As they won their first two matches of the season before succumbing to CPC and losing their winning streak.

They have also been free flowing, but haven't found the net as much as CPC, and this could be something that they might need to look at improving. No one really likes humiliating teams but if Taoyuan can beat CPC in the return fixture, then smashing in goals all season long could provide the crucial difference for who goes up and who ends up in the playoff.

So far Taoyuan has defeated Tong Jie FC 3-1 and FC Kaohsiung 4-2. At the moment they look like they could be two weaker sides in the league, but as the league is just new, no one knows the real strength of all the teams just yet. Taoyuan have put themselves into a good position in the league after their opening two wins in the first weeks of the season despite this defeat. If they can turn it around and win their next match they'll still be deep in the mixer. 

The winner of the Taiwan Second Division is promoted to the Taiwan Premier League, and replaces the bottom side. The runner up in the Second Division will play against seventh-placed in the Premier League. The winner will take the Premier League spot, and the loser will therefore take the spot in the Second Division. 

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