The fans are back in Japan

If you saw any football over the weekend in the J League 1 you would have noticed fans in attendance. This was seen as from the start of the weekend a maximum of 5,000 people were able to attend sporting and other events, despite a recent rise in the number of coronavirus cases in the country.

Fans are back 

Fans of the J Talk Podcast would have heard tales of attending matches in Japan over the weekend. They discussed an eerie feeling around the grounds as despite fans eating and drinking around the stadium the chatter was at a minimum.

There where certain rules in place for these fans with no singing aloud with the supporters cheering their side on while clapping in rhythm. It seemingly went down well with very little policing and with all fans wearing masks.

Supporters at a football game in Japan where first spotted back at the J League 2 match on Friday between Fagiano Okayama and Giravanz Kitakyushu.

By all accounts, this went well and while it will continue to be monitored at the moment they will keep allowing fans at matches as they will look to increase this from 5,000 to 50% capacity of stadia by August. 

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