Taiwan's second division up and running

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Taiwan's second division is up and running, and they are now two games in. The Chinese Taipei Football Association (CTFA) have started youth leagues (male and female) and have started a second in an attempt to improve the domestic football scene. 

Historic moment for Taiwanese football 

Taiwan have finally started a second division. Not only have they started a second division, but there is also going to be promotion and relegation between the two divisions. The Taiwan Premier League and the second division both have 8 teams.

Therefore, what this means, is that the top team from the second division will replace the bottom team from the Taiwan Premier League next season. The team who finishes second in the Second Division will playoff against the 7th spot team in the Premier League with the winner of that game than playing in the Premier League for the next season.

It is great that promotion and relegation has been implemented between the two leagues, because that will be one thing that will push progress, as no team ever wants to lose their spot in the top level, and the teams below want to get into the top level.

Another good thing about the development of a second division means that teams who lose their spot in the Premier League for finishing bottom two, which means that no team (who are currently involved in the two divisions) shouldn't have to go without a full season of regular competitive football again.  

Early frontrunners

After two matches, the early frontrunners of the Taiwan Second Division are, CPC Corp. FC (who are sponsored by the state petrol company) and Inter Taoyuan.

CPC have played 2, won 2, and have a goal difference of plus 10, after two big wins. Their first game of the season they defeated Andy Chen Academy 5-2, and then this weekend they defeated Saturday Football International 7-0. After the first two matches of the season, they look like real contenders to get into the Premier League.

The other team who have become an early frontrunner are Inter Taoyuan, who beat Tong Jie FC 3-1 in the opening game and defeated FC Kaohsiung 4-2.

This puts both teams on six points after the opening two rounds of the inaugural season.

The teams involved in the second division, and current stats and fixtures can be found here.

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