Taichung Futuro's unbeaten run comes to an end as they relinquish top spot


As they say, all good things must come to an end and that was the case last weekend for Taichung Futuro as their unbeaten run stopped with a 1-0 defeat to last season's champions Tatung. 

Nine games unbeaten

Taichung Futuro went nine matches unbeaten from the start of the season until their 10th match against Tatung at the weekend as they lost 1-0 thanks to an Ange Samuel goal. Previous to the match they played nine, winning six and drawing three, putting them on the top spot just ahead of the other early front runners, Taipower.

Despite this, they are still just two points off the top of the league in which Taipower sit top. Still a good position to then kick on from and challenge for the title, which before the season was unexpected.

With this unbeaten start, you would have expected with just one defeat the side could have kept their top spot but Taipower has pretty much kept the pace with them throughout. 

Taipower has apart from their defeat to Taiwan Sports University been relentless in keeping the pressure on, as with Tatung faltering, they will also see it as their chance to wrestle power back their way in the battle for the dominance of Taiwanese football. 

It only takes one defeat to knock you off the top spot

Futuro wouldn't have been expecting to go on such an unbeaten run, losing only one match. That, however, is what has happened.

Taipower though has managed to pretty much match week for week match Futuro's results or at the very least not lose too much ground by drawing when Futuro won. 

Now Taipower is on top spot with 23 points with Futuro sitting second on 21 points that is how tight it has become between the two teams at the top of the Taiwan Premier League.

Taipower was expected to be there though, Futuro's functionality getting them to the top of the league however is a big surprise for everyone who follows the league. 

Will Futuro be able to show some bouncebackability like Taipower did when they lost or are they now going to fall by the wayside and drop down the league. Only time can be the answer to that one, but Futuro winning the league would upset the apple cart where Taiwan's dominant sides are concerned.

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