Taichung Futuro in a rut, and falling out of title contention


Taichung Futuro started the season with a bang, going on a nine-match unbeaten run. However, they haven't won for two matches and find themselves slowly drifting out the title race.

Futuro falling away as Taipower show consistency 

Taichung Futuro failed to record a win in their last two matches following on from their impressive start, which involved a nine-match unbeaten streak. However, they drew three of those nine matches and then add in the two recent defeats and the side is beginning to fall away from frontrunners Taipower. 

That is because, during Futuro's unbeaten run, Taipower only drew two matches and lost one. Meaning that even though they fell behind Futuro for a bit Taipower kept the pace, waiting for the slip by maintaining that consistency.

Then if Futuro doesn't pull themselves out of their current two-game losing streak, then Taipower will have the title won before long and the season will be done and dusted.  Putting us in the same situation as we have been with Tatung in previous seasons, where everyone needs to take points from Taipower to keep the league interesting.

As it is, Futuro is the closest team to them, but they now find themselves five points behind Taipower, so cannot afford to drop more points, especially as Taipower look to keep winning by hook or by crook.

We're hopeful that Futuro will gain some ground on Taipower in the up-and-coming fixtures and the league will stay competitive till the end. 

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