CSL players saved from losing the plot by karaoke and badminton

Clubs and coaches in the Chinese Super League (CSL) were worried about their players losing the plot because of squads having to be in one hotel for at least two months. They have now been saved!

Karaoke and Badminton, the players are saved

Anyone fancy an Oscar and Hulk duet? Because that is what could be coming to a hotel near you if you're living in Suzhou that is. 

This is because the Chinese Football Association have listened to the calls from clubs that their players may go mental if they have no access to anything as they are stuck in their hotel for two months, which is essentially an extension of the original quarantine.

The CFA has come up with a master plan to tackle this and stop players going insane. The answer is karaoke and badminton. 

So make sure you're following the players on their social media, because they might start sharing some good videos of players rocking out to each other belting Celine Dion's 'My Heart Will Go On' or something like that.

Maybe the teams can get together and do a group rendition of, 'I've gotta get out of this place if it's the last thing I'll ever do' which I presume would be quite apt for a lot of them.  

Badminton courts, swimming pools, and reading rooms

How do you become bored? By being a boring person. What I am getting at here is, people can make fun regardless of the situation, these are the folk that will very rarely find themselves feeling bored. 

I would be content to will away my hour's swimming, playing badminton, reading, and belting out bad tunes on the crappyoke and I would have a good laugh doing it all.

Fair enough players have families and such like and will miss them, but there is modern technology to make sure that they can still communicate with them. 

The situation the CFA has put in place is a lot better than the league falling apart completely, as we have already lost a handful of teams in China, so this happening to more sides will mean these players would find themselves unemployed. 

Some of them, especially the ones not on mega-money may then even be up shit creek without a paddle. Let's be honest, not every player playing in China is on enough money to buy an island the size of Guam.

If the players find it difficult to entertain themselves in or around the hotel complex, then tough titty said the kitty when the milk ran dry, because you're still employed, and doing something they seemingly love for a living. 

There are plenty of other folks around the world who are in a much worse situation than footy players in China who have to be stuck in a hotel for two months in order to get their league and consequently their careers back on track. It is hardly a massive hardship, to restart.

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