Brazilian Oscar says he would play for China


Shanghai SIPG's Brazilian attacking midfielder Oscar says he would play for China if he had the opportunity, however, the ex Chelsea player has 48 caps for Brazil. 

Oscar willing to play for China

Oscar has either fallen in love with China (yes we know the amount of money he gets paid helps) or has come to terms with the fact he is unlikely to be called up for Brazil often. He has seen a host of other Brazilian nationals become Chinese through naturalization, including his club mate Elkeson.

After seeing so many of his fellow countrymen become Chinese nationals, he probably has been wondering could he have been the final cog in the puzzle that would have made China World Cup mainstays of the future.

We will never know the answer to this because FIFA rules rightly don't allow players to switch nationality once they've made a senior competitive appearance. So even if Oscar wants to help China because he has seemingly grown fond of the place/or just misses international football. He cannot because of the rules being very clear on this issue.

Oscar is clearly aware of the rules, because he stated, "if the naturalization rules change, I would play for China."

All football fans will be hoping they never change. Some international sides are already bad enough with thieving other countries players, but international football will not be improved if countries could suddenly trade capped players. It would be horrendous. 

China desperate to qualify for more World Cups

China have only qualified for one World Cup, in Japan and South Korea and they didn't exactly make a big splash in that tournament. They didn't even score a goal. So China is now trying to power there way into being a regular at World Cup finals.

They went down the youth football route, but this was having no effect as of yet. China wasn't happy with the length of time it takes to develop good players the long way, from youth to international so have decided to turn to naturalize players instead.

Currently, Brazilians have formed a large chunk of the naturalized players, and Oscar probably wishes he could have been a part of that after not playing for Brazil for so long. China is not only looking to Brazil though, but they have also naturalized players from Norway, Peru, England among others and will seemingly continue to naturalize players in their pursuit of greater success.

Personally, I think this way of improving isn't the best way, and that going down the youth route is the best, although if you do naturalize the right players, who want to play for China and aren't just joining for the perks then it could be a good thing. Whichever way you look at it, naturalization has been a rule by FIFA for years now, and countries such as Qatar have been somewhat successful with this kind of policy when they won the previous Asian Cup. 

China will be looking at that success by Qatar and will be hoping that they could achieve something similar in the future, Oscar though will not be a part of that, even if he wants to.  

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