Taichung Futuro remain consistently solid as they stay undefeated

remove_imagePhoto: Taichung Futuro

The rigidly solid style of play that Taiching Futuro has brought to the Taiwan Premier League has remained, and they find themselves top of the league, after grinding out another win.

Futuro still haven't lost, rigid approach reaps rewards

Taichung Futuro is the only side in the Taiwan Premier League that remain undefeated this season. That has seen them slowly rise to the top of the table, where they're perched one point ahead of Taipower.

At this stage of the season, Taichung Futuro has played 9, won 6 and drawn 3. A big fat zero losses stand under the L column. However, what could be Futuo's downfall eventually might be their lack of goals. 

They've often won games by the odd goal or two, and if they can keep doing that until the end of the season, then obviously they will win the league. 

If they do have a wobble though, it will be interesting to see how they can manage this, because the style of play they have implemented so far has been highly structured and rigid.

Mean defence is down to a collective effort

The attack may not have rippled the net many times by banging in goals. They have scored 15 in 9 matches, but the defence has returned mean numbers. 

In fact, they have only conceded 6 goals this season. The reason the defence have been putting up mean stats all season, is because they see defending and attacking as a team effort and work on it as a unit, unlike other teams in the Taiwan Premier League. The question remains, how long can they continue like this? Can they go all the way?

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