Taichung Futuro are Taiwan Premier League title contenders


Taichung Futuro have got themselves into a position in the league, where they should now be considered as title contenders.

Still unbeaten

Taiching Futuro is still unbeaten since the start of the Taiwan Premier League. After 8 league games, Futuro still remains undefeated, they have won five and drawn three, putting them top of the division on 18 points.

That is 1 point above last season's runner up Taipower, who are second on 17 points and must be rueing their defeat against NTSU (National Taiwan Sports University) as had they avoided defeat they would find themselves top of the league now.

However, they did lose and Futuro have not, their next run of games will show if they will be in the mix at the end of the season or not, as they face, Tatung, Taiwan Steel, and Taipower. If they come through this set of games unbeaten, then we could be talking about a shift in power in the Taiwan Premier League.

How have Futuro done it

Taichung Futuro have managed to get themselves into top spot in the league by having a solid base to their club. Japanese manager, Toshiaki Imai was brought into the club, and he is someone who knows about Taiwanese football due to his two stints in charge of the national side between 2005 to 2007 and 2016.

Not only does Imai have some previous groundwork in Taiwanese football, but he has also utilised his network of Japanese connections to bring in Jun Kochi, Yugo Ichiyanagi, Keisuke Ogawa, Yoshitaka Komori, Keita Yamauchi, Seiji Fujiwara, and Kohei Ueda.

Their best signing has been South Korean attacker Joo Ik-Seong who was brought in from Hang Yuen at the beginning of the season, this has seen him score six goals while having a hand in others through assists.

Good signings alone have not only been the key to their success though, but a solid structure is also being put in place, like the team's style of play and a club being formed not just a team. If they do go on to win the league, which is still a long shot, but they have put themselves in contention, then it will go a long way in showing that a good way of finding success is by building a club and putting solid foundations in place.

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