Seongnam look to set up football link with Argentina

This week the Magpies of Korea, Seongnam announced links with South America and Argentina as Alfredo Carlos the countries ambassador to South Korea vised the mayor of Seongnam, Eun Su-mi. 

A link between the two 

The ambassador visited Seongnam City Hall this week to meet Seongnam Mayor Eun Su-mi and they discussed links between Argentina and the football team for the city Seongnam.

An idea behind this meeting is for the K League side to have a link with Argentina in a league which has many South Americans already although these are mostly Brazilians. 

The ambassador said of his trip "I'm honoured to visit Seongnam, a representative of the K-League, and thank you for the hospitality of Eun Su-mi. I think there is no limit to the business you can do with football through Seongnam and Argentina." “I want to help you as I act as a bridge for Korea.” 

As clubs face represented times due to the COVID 19 outbreak it is important for such links to be set up to help build relationships in football worldwide, although am not sure we will see Lionel Messi play out his career in Seongnam.

Keep your eyes peeled though as we might see the next Felipe or Junior Negao come over from Argentina to Seongnam as am sure they will be keen to show they can play better than their Brazilian neighbours. 

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