Lee Kang-in sees red after kicking out at Sergio Ramos

The return to La Liga action for Lee Kang-In was not good as the young Korean lasted just 14 minutes into his return after the break. This was seen has he kicked out not once but three times at someone known in the game to have a hot head himself, Sergio Ramos. 

A kick out 

It was 76 minutes in Valencia's second match after lockdown and they were training 2-0 to Real Madrid in this new reality of matches with no fans. Lee Kang-In was at this point getting ready to enter the action and help his side back into the match as he replaced Rodrigo.

A great chance for the 19-year-old to get some game time as they play out the latter part of the season but on 89 minutes this did not go to plan. It happened as the Korean lost his head on the halfway line and has he kicked out at Sergio Ramos and did not receive the ball for his effect he continued the action till he got his man. 

The kick-outs at the man who is no stranger to red cards himself wherewith no malice and the small frame of Lee Kang-In am sure does not worry the Spaniard but it was enough for referee José Sánchez to whip out his red card. 

As he saw red it makes you think he might as well of giving him a proper kick something I am sure many football fans watching at home would have loved to of done. 

In the end, the game finished 3-0 to the Madrid side and the red card did not make a difference to the match but it is a shame as Lee Kang-In will now have a three-match suspension just after returning to action. 

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