Japan female league

The Nadeshiko League is the female league system for clubs in Japan this consists of three leagues call the 1st Division, 2nd Division and the Challenge League. It was then announced last week that we will see the countries first women’s professional competition in 2021.

A new league for a new generation 

The finer details of this plan are still to be put into motion but it is thought that the new league will have six to ten sides with these teams being announced in the coming months. As we understand it the league will sit on top of the Nadeshiko League First Division rather than replacing it. 

In a statement the JFA president Kohzo Tashimasaid the following on the matter;

The purpose of the launch of the new league is not just the development of women's football in Japan. Our aim is to contribute to build a sustainable society through promoting female social participation and enhancing diversities and choices.

How we contribute to the society through sports is an important mission for all of us in the sports world. We will work on establishing the careers of women's professional footballers, which is the dream of many girls, and further promote women's empowerment and solve social issues.

The JFA also stipulated that at least one executive per club must be a woman, while females must account for at least half the employees at each team within three years.

The new league will start in September 2021 but in the meantime, we will have female club football return to Japan on the 18th of July. 

This is a big step as Japan looks to improve football for females in a country that won the World Cup as recently as 2011 and where runners-up in 2015. However, the 2019 World Cup did not go so well as they left at the Round of 16 and in fact, no Asian side made the last eight showing just how far they had fallen behind in four years. 

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