The CSL to resume


The news broke last week that the CSL is set to return as the CFA president Chen Xuyuan announced. They will look to begin in at the end of June with big changes being made for the season to be completed. 

CSL to start at the end of June 

The plan is that the CSL will begin at the end of June with changes being made to the FA Cup for this season as it will move to a single round knockout competition. 

The plan for the new season will likely see a compressed league fixture list with a reported 20 round of matches compared to the normal 30. This will see the league divided into the regular season and playoffs, I would assume then teams will play each other just once either home or away. 

These plans have recently been put forward so are subject to change but it will be presumed the matches will get underway from the weekend of the 26th June. The wish I understand is that fans will attend the matches with no games played behind closed doors. 

In relation to the Asian Champions League and national team matches in Asia a decision is expected sooner rather than later.

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