Taiwan Premier League last weekend in the spotlight


The Taiwan Premier League has had some time in the limelight since football around the world has been cancelled due to the coronavirus, but with the announcement that the K-League will re-commence next week behind closed doors, that spotlight could be over.

Increased viewing numbers could soon diminish

The Taiwan Premier League has definitely been enjoying inflated viewing numbers during most countries lockdowns as people around the world are desperate to watch some live footy, at any level.

Newfound popularity could soon be diminished and back to 'regular' viewing levels because next weekend, the South Korean K League will start again. The K League is one of the highest level leagues in Asia, along with the likes of Japan, China, Australia and a whole host of leagues in the Middle East.

Without a doubt, people will gravitate from watching the Taiwanese league to watching the K-League. This is as long as the K-League is accessible to most markets around the world.

The Taiwan Premier League has been streaming the games to their youtube channel and therefore making it easy for interested folk to give it a watch. Considering the current situation, the K-League should also be making the football accessible.

The hope is, some fans remain 

The hope has to remain, that some of the people tuning into the league do develop a passing interest where they might feel the urge to tune in when they have nothing better to watch. Especially as they know that they can watch the league on the football associations website.

The truth is though, that when the big leagues around the world start kicking back up again, then a lot of people won't have any interest in Taiwanese football. If a handful can be retained, then the league has done well to maintain them. If some of that handful become fans of certain teams, that this will be an added bonus for sure.

Taiwan has one more week in the spotlight of the footballing world, something that everyone thought would never have happened in our lifetime, but we would have all prefered for the Coronavirus to not have become a thing. One more week in the spotlight until the baton passes to South Korea.  

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