Taichung Futuro upset Taiwan Steel in their own backyard


Taichung Futuro travelled to Tainan to face Taiwan Steel, in the game of the day, in the Taiwan Premier League over the weekend. 

Taichung Futuro's organization and work rate defeats the Steel boys star quality

Taiwan Steel was considered title contenders after the signings they made in the pre-season. They brought in both the Taiwan Premier Leagues top scorers, but they still haven't managed to find a way to play to their strengths and the two boys up top have still failed to click.

Contrast this with the solid foundations being put in place at Taichung Futuro, and then you will have no doubt why this was the match of the day. Taichung Futuro so far have been solid, organized and have worked well together as a team. Creating the solid foundations needed for success at any side.

So far after watching both sides quite often in the opening weeks of the Taiwan Premier League, Futuro's organization has looked the better option to Taiwan Steel's star quality approach.

Futuro get a solid win

Futuro managed to get a solid win against Taiwan Steel in Tainan, due in part to the aforementioned organization and teamwork. Both of these qualities had their opponents worked up, as they struggled to try and break down the Japanese influenced Taichung side.

Also, Taiwan Steel managed to get all the spotlight shined on them with their signings, but Futuro's incoming transfer, Joo Ik Seong went under the radar somewhat.

Although, it looks like Futuro picked the correct attacking player, as Joo has managed to continue his good performances from last season at Hang Yuen, and he turned out to be the match-winner today.

Taking a pass in the box and cooly slotting it past Taiwan's number one keeper into the bottom corner.

Taiwan Steel showed a bit of urgency, but it was no way near enough from a team expected to be challenging for the title.

On this showing today, Taichung Futuro will end the season closer to the title than Taiwan Steel will, and that would end up being a turn up for the books from what was predicted at the start of the season.

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