New Under-23 League in China


Much is made about football in China and the money that is thrown at the sport. This money as not made a huge difference to the national side however, something that clearly as not gone unnoticed as they look to set up an Under-23 league in the country to develop young talent. 

The Under-23 League 

This week news came out that China is looking to start up a U23 league to replace the current reserve league in place. The idea behind this is it will help develop talent in the country and allow younger players to play more matches at a high standard.

The new league set up makes sense as last year the league changed their under-23 rule which previously meant clubs had to field at least three under-23 domestic players in every single league match.

The hope is that the league will link with the CSL with promising players able to then move into first-team football in the league. As the players are getting more game time in the league they will then be able to take the step up quickly and this can only help improve the development of football in China.

As in the past, the reserve league would have had a lot of players over 23-years-old who were just not good enough for the CSL. This move will stop this and mean that the league will be full of younger players looking to make it in the game and this, in turn, should mean more competition and better opportunities.

The league may in return also create positive chances for clubs to invest in youth football as they have competitive games that can attract sponsorship and more money and let's be honest football love anything that makes them money.

At present, the CSL may get media attention for the big-money signings and exciting stadium plans but overall the league is not taking seriously by a global audience. This move will then put the league on par with leagues across the world that have youth set-ups, that is at least the thought behind it.

Along with this, it should help create a stronger national side that can compete first off at the Olympic Games, and then at future Asian Cups.  

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