Gwangju need to diversify their tactics, rather than hoofing it to the big lad


Gwangju was recently promoted back to the K-League 1 and they got their campaign underway with a poor performance at home to Seongnam. Their approach to the game will need to show more diversification if they're to have a successful season, and avoid the drop back to K-League 2.

Gwangju's route one, target man approach

Gwangju like to play with route one tactics, this could be in part due to the fact their centre forward, Felipe is 6 ft 4 in. Although just because you have a massive lad up top, doesn't mean you should spend the whole game lumping the ball at him.

This though is what they proceeded to do in their opening match of the season, one they lost in the opening 12 minutes by conceding 2 goals to Seongnam, a team widely predicted to be fighting with them at the end of the season to avoid the drop.

It goes to show an opening day defeat is a blow, even if it is just the first game of the season, being the first game, it does mean they have the time to look at their approach to today's match and give it a good old tweak.

It was difficult to keep up with the number of times they lost the ball by trying to lump it to big Felipe up top. It was clear that Gwangju was trying to get it wide at every opportunity, then get crosses into maximising their height advantage. This failed big time though, as either they give it away, the keeper got the ball, or the Seongnam defence just gobbled it up. The aforementioned determined that Gwangju proceeded to give the ball away constantly throughout the game.

At no point in the match did the plan change, and if I was a Gwangju fan, then I would be worried by the distinct lack of a plan B.

If Gwangju want to stay up, they need a plan B

The hoofball to the big lad might work in some games and yield positive results. Therefore Gwangju needs to think of what they will do when plan A (the big hoof) doesn't work. How will they mix things up and change their approach?

Today it seemed like Gwangju had little imagination when it came to what they would do if the big hoof failed. Which it did, but they plodded on giving it the old welly anyway, all the way until the final whistle when it was plain, as the day is long, that it wasn't going to work.

If they decide to continue with only this game plan, then other teams will have them sussed every week. The key to Gwangju's opposition will only be, can we cope with their plan or not. If they can cope, then they will win. If not, well then they may have a good day, however, without a plan B then there isn't a hope those days will be often.

On the basis of the opening game performance, it is hard to see how they will not struggle, especially if they keep plodding on the same road. That being said, it is only the first game, and it could just be a bad day at the office. There is plenty of time for them to turn it around, but they will need more imagination than today or they will definitely be doomed.

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