Guess what Bucheon fans have been watching on Netflix


Bucheon's Facebook page posted an image of a banner that had been put up, I presume put up by their fans had sent to the stadium. It made us realize what they've been watching while they've been in the lockdown.

Bucheon fans have obviously been enjoying some comedy gold in lockdown

Bucheon fans are clearly a cracking bunch and know some good old comedy gold on Netflix when they see it. They love it so much so, it looks like they stuck up a Bucheon 'Til I Die banner.

There isn't any way to know if it is based purely on the market fest that got a lot of the world having a mighty laugh at their expense, but the Bucheon banner does look to be similar to the Sunderland 'Til I die documentary.

I'm putting two and two together and coming out with 27 because I have no way of really knowing if the banner was made before or after the Sunderland doc. 

So my guess is that Bucheon fans watched the Sunderland Til I Die documentary, enjoyed it that much that they copied the banner for themselves to chuck up in the stadium. 

Just a shame fans still aren't allowed to be there, football without an atmosphere is all a bit odd, anyway, at least Bucheon went down the route of banners and drawings by school kids instead of sex dolls that the FC Seoul lot filled their stadium with eh?

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