Could Seongnam become the surprise team of K League 1

Going into the season, many Korean football fans felt Seongnam was on course to have a difficult season and they still may but I have changed my opinion of where they might find themselves in the league come the end of the campaign. 

Predicted to finish rock bottom

Seongnam was predicted to finish rock bottom of the K League this season and I for one thought this was a very valid observation as the theory is rooted in their inability to find a constant goal scorer.

It doesn't matter at what level you play at, or what league you play in, if your team is lacking a consistent goal threat throughout the season, and doesn't manage to find someone who can find the back of the net on the regular then your club is going to be struggling.

Seongnam definitely falls into this category of the team that struggles with goals. Yang Dong-hyen chipped in with 2 goals in their opening match against newly-promoted Gwangju, a match they won 2-0. At 34 though, he doesn't have much of a career left in him, if he does manage to pull the goals out of a hidden magic hat for the Korean Magpies, then he would just be a stop-gap.

In the second match against Incheon United, Seongnam didn't score at all despite having good enough chances to, with the game ending 0-0, they'll likely see it as points dropped against a team many will consider their direct rival for those relegation spots come the end of the season.

It's unlikely that Yang Dong-hyen will become prolific, therefore Seongnam needs it to be a combined team effort of them all chipping in with goals throughout the season if they want to defy the predictions of many K League follows and not find themselves rooted to the bottom of the table and falling through the trapdoor back to K League 2.

Why I think Seongnam will defy the predictions

Having looked at why they may avoid the drop it is still a long way from avoiding relegation to a successful season but here is my thinking behind the observations after two matches.

Seongnam have had two fairly 'easy' opening matches on paper. Gwangju away is a newly promoted side, and during that match, Gwangju only had one tactic to throw at them. 'The big welly' as I like to call this otherwise known as, long ball.

They then dealt with this easily and showed how organised and structured they are by having such a solid structure and setup, this means they'll be difficult to beat. Being difficult to beat goes some part of the way to helping them grind out results, which slightly nullifies them not having a big goal scorer.

Teams around the world have shown if you're difficult to beat, organised, and have the knack of grinding out results all season long, then you will finish mid-table or slightly better. Seongnam also have this ability to grind out the results they need to see them through a season and into safety, as they displayed last season without having major goalscorer.

If someone in the squad pops up out of the blue and suddenly starts hammering in goal after goal, then they really could surprise people, however, this looks unlikely so far.

Seongnam needs to do the hard old grind, all the way through the season, and then they'll find themselves in the comfort of relative safety. Not challenging at the top, but too far ahead to worry about relegation and even this, would defy the early season predictions.

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