CFA's Chinese Super League three nos policy for restarting football


The Chinese Super League didn't manage to kick off their season this year due to the Coronavirus. This as seen the CFA have come up with a policy that they have called the Three Nos. The three nos being: “no empty stadiums, no extending the league into 2021 and no reduced season”.

The three nos look like the Chinese Super League will be cancelled

The three nos, being “no empty stadiums, no extending the league into 2021 and no reduced season” mean that there's going to be a huge likelihood that the Chinese Super League (CSL) will be cancelled this year.

That is because the chances of a 30 match season being scheduled are looking less, and less likely as the months pass by, and the chances of fans being allowed to congregate in stadiums, all gathered together in groups, is unlikely to happen anytime soon.

Therefore the league is facing the serious implication that this season could be cancelled. That would put a great deal of pressure on all the clubs involved in Chinese football currently playing on the pyramid. Particularly those clubs whose finances might be a little shaky before the whole pandemic thing took hold on the world.

I'm in favour of this policy by the CFA 

The reason why I am in favour of this policy by the Chinese Football Association (CFA) is mainly due to the fact that their season hasn't already started. Therefore there shouldn't be a huge legal issue for dropping the season, if for example 30 odd games had been played already, like some European leagues.

The major implication is unmistakably weather clubs able to survive if there is no season for the whole year? The CFA need to try and offer some kind of support to these clubs to help them get through this troubling time, otherwise, football could become a bit of a trainwreck.

I personally do believe games behind closed doors seem a bit hollow. So the CFA insisting that there need to be fans there is a big plus point for me, but obviously, the fans who are entering the matches would have to go through temperature checks and such like.

If the CFA stick to this policy though, I cannot see the football season starting in China, which would be a shame but at the same time, peoples safety is definitely more important than sport.

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