Yu Hanchao is trouble with his car


On Wednesday news broke that the former Guangzhou Evergrande midfielder had got himself into trouble  Yu Hanchao. The reports suggest that he faked his vehicle registration plate and was fined ¥5,000 which is around £550 by the police. 

Changing his number plates 

Reports have now confirmed that Yu Hanchao has been let go by Guangzhou Evergrande as many believe this was a perfect an excuse to let the player leave. After all, at 33-years-old, he was one of the sides higher earners and the side would be looking the free up his wages.

It could mean then that the financial hit on the player could be much higher than the fine given to him by the police. It is unclear too if the player will be able to sign for another club or if the CSL will issue him with a ban for his actions.

As Yu, is released from his contract that runs till 2021 which is the end of the season that may still not be. From what I have read if this is correct his annual wage with the club is ¥15 million (around £1.7 million) after tax.

If he is able to sign with another club his salary will be substantially lower than his current contract was.

Since this has happened it appears players have spoken up in support of him and this might mean the black mark against hist name may not have too many negative connotations.

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