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As football is still on the quiet side around the world at Sportal Korea they had a look at some of the top players from the K League with versatility.  Here we take a look at that list and give our own view on it and if Kim Shin-wook is, in fact, the master of football. 

Playing anywhere

To play football at an elite level is never easy and each position requires differing skills, for example, a big tall lad with the body of a weightlifter isn't going to be much use playing on the wing but could be a useful striker.

Due to this even with less extreme instances, it is not easy to play in multilabel positions on a pitch to the same level. There are very few examples in the world game when this has worked successfully as much as we love the idea of your top goalscorer playing in goals.

Although in the K League there are some instances that Sportal found and here we will look at them and discuss why they have been chosen.

Park Kun-ha

First here they looked at a player with nearly 300 appearances in the K League all with Suwon Samsung Bluewings, Park Kun-ha. It is clear why he is a great example to start with as even with a quick wiki look he is listed as a Utility player.

The now 48-year-old played for the club from 1996 to 2006 and in this time his position would vary from attacker to a defender. He was originally though brought in in 1996 from Seoul E-Land as a striker.

In his first season, he managed 14 goals in 34 games a tally of almost a goal every two matches. He then continued as a forward till 2001 but in 2002, the side had defensive issues and it was at this point they asked Park to play as a centre half.

At nearly six foot tall he was a player who knew how to handle defenders so the decision made sense of sorts. As a defender, he helped his side to a league title and after retirement, he went on to become a coach at the club.

K League players who are versatile 

Currently, an example of players that have gone from attackers to defenders in the league are Among the active players, Kim Tae-Hwan at Ulsan, Kim Moon-hwan at Busan and Kim Jin-ya at FC Seoul.

In Kim Tae-Hwan there is a player who started his career as a winger and as gone to play as a full-back a positional change that is more commonly seen as with Ashely Young at Manchester United in England.

Meanwhile, you then have Kim Moon-hwan and Kim Jin-ya who started as wingers but won the 2018 Asian Game with South Korea playing defence.

Kim Shin-wook

We then have the great Kim Shin-wook, who is a fox in the box and can also play in defence.  The now Shanghai Shenhua player originally played with Ulsan as a centre-back. Although on the advice of coaches he went on to play as a forward with the club.

In his first season, he made 27 appearances and scored seven times after this he went back to play as a defender when injury struck during his time with  Jeonbuk Motors. The big tall footballer who is six foot and five inches tall certainly causes problems for defenders at the front end of the pitch so that is where we would play him. 

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