The Guangzhou Evergrande stadium debate


Guangzhou Evergrande released extraordinary plans this week to build a 100,000 seated stadium bigger than Barcelona's Camp Nou. This, as I am sure you can imagine, has been met with much discussion about if this is needed and the sense behind it all. 

A big price tag

The designs were unveiled during the week with the message being this will be the best football stadium in the world. It is a plan that catches the eye but you would expect this as it reportedly coming in at a cost of around ¥12 billion which is around £1.4 billion.

The idea is that this will be built by Guangzhou South railway station and will cover 150,000 square meters with a capacity of 100,000.

Currently, the largest stadium in the CSL is Beijing Guoan's which holds just a measly 66,000. The new ground will, therefore, of course, be the largest in China and one of the largest in the world. This will make it the largest football purpose venue in the world although there are a few stadiums around the world that sit over 100,000 people.

The plan is for this to be the home of Guangzhou Evergrande and am sure it will host future China matches but as you would expect it will offer a lot more than just 90 minutes of football. It will have 168 VIP boxes, along with private areas for players and media.

Simultaneously, it will have areas for children, a range of restaurants and bars and areas for entertainment.

The design 

The design is very unique as you see from the image above, it is based we understand on a lotus flower. As the idea as coming from Shanghai-based American designer Hasan Syed, following an initial concept from the Evergrande Group chairman Xu Jiayin.

Along with the eye-catching design as seen in red above this will also be able to change colour and light up at night to be seen across the Guangzhou night sky.

The stadium will be built in time for the 2023 CSL season and this it is reported is not an unrealistic target. Many have questioned the need for this with Xu Jiayin responding to this by saying Chinese football must have a matching world-class football stadium to go to the world.

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