Taiwan's Mulan League countdown

Photo: CTFA
Taiwan's women's league (the Muan League) kicks off next weekend. This makes The Mulan League one of the few leagues to continue around the world as the majority have been postponed due to the spread of the Coronavirus.

The Mulan League countdown to the big kick off

Taiwan's Mulan league are counting down the days until their big kick off. With only seven days to go until Taichung Blue Whale and Kaohsiung Sunny Bank get the league under way. That match kicks off at 10 A.M, at Taipei Stadium, and as usual, all matches in Taiwan's leagues (men and women) generally take place at one location.

What that means is that throughout the day, all six teams competing in the Mulan League will have played all their matches at Taipei Stadium. The games are obviously stagnated throughout the day, with the kick off times being; 10:00, 14:00 and 16:30. The matches are likely to be shown on the CTFA YouTube channel.

The matches are being played behind closed doors, because of the Coronavirus, so if you show up to watch the game at the stadium, you will be refused entry. Stay home and watch on YouTube.

Opening weeks fixtures

The opening weeks fixtures are as follows:

4/11 Taipei Stadium (behind closed doors due to COVID-19)

10:00~12:00 Taichung Blue Whale : Kaohsiung Sunny Bank (台中藍鯨:高雄陽信)
14:00~16:00 New Taipei Hang Yuen : Taoyuan International (新北航源FC:桃園國際)
16:30~18:30 Taipei Bravo : Hualien (臺北熊讚:花蓮)

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