Taipei Red Lions show belief and confidence

photo: Taipei Red Lions

Taipei Red Lions went into their third match in the Taiwan Premier League against pre-league favourites Taiwan Steel on the back of two 4-0 defeats, so no one would have expected much from the team from Taipei. 

There's some fight in the Lion 

Taipei Red Lions sprung a surprise on Taiwan Steel in Tainan today, when they went 1-0 up early in their match. Not only did Taipei Red Lions take the lead, but it also wasn't a fluke lead. They were very much in this match.

Even when Taiwan Steel equalised, and then went into a 2-1 lead, they still were playing their own game and showed more confidence and belief in themselves than they had in prior weeks.

Taiwan Steel's Taiwan keeper Pan received a pass back and tried to go around the Lions attacker Lin. However, Pan dropped a bollock, and Lions attacker Lin was on hand to rob him of the ball, skin a defender and plonk it into the open net.

Red Lions were back in the game, although Turks and Caicos international Marc Fenelus scored the goal that finally won Taiwan Steel the match, this game showed that Red Lions do have the ability within their ranks to compete with the 'so-called' big boys.

This was definitely a positive performance that Red Lions can build on for the rest of the season. A lot of people discussing the fixtures had Red Lions wrote off today, but they showed that there is some fight in the lion and they're not willing to be stuck in the wooden spoon spots all season.

The most important matches that Red Lions will play in the Taiwan Premier League will be against Mingchuan University and NTSU (National Taiwan Sports University). If they avoid losing to these two teams, then they will not finish up in the bottom two spots. If they do lose to these teams then it could be touch and go whether or not they go down.

Whatever happens, Taipei Red Lions will need to play like they did today and believe they can navigate their way to safety this season, ensuring they can be in the league again next year.

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