Son Heung-min to begin military training this month


When South Korea won the Asian Games with Son Heung-min it meant he would be absolved of two years mandatory military service. Despite this he still has three weeks of military training with the Marines on Jeju Island and this will happen while the league in England is suspended due to COVID-19. 

Confirmation from Tottenham 

Tottenham confirmed on Tuesday officially that Son Heung-min will partake in his mandatory military service while in Korea this month. The club went on to confirm he would then return to the club in May although presently the English league is suspended and will only return when it is ‘safe and appropriate to do so’ and this is under constant review.

The service with the military is the law in Korea and it means that all men who don't have a disability have to serve in the military before they get to the age of 28.  This is especially relevant with the player turning 28 in July.

Taking this time to complete the training then makes perfect sense as it will not impact on his football and will keep him fit. The player is recovering from a broken arm but these reports would suggest that this will not get in the way of the service.

Three-week training

There is mixed reports in the UK media that this is four-week training with the military, reports in Korea, however, suggest that it is three-weeks as he will be training with the Marines instead.

This will take place on Jeju Island which is a lovely place to visit and he is for sure using his time constructively. Spurs fans seem to be fairly happy he is using his time wisely with many pointing out on social media he might even come back in better condition.

Jeju Island

Review of the training

Here is a review of the training that he will be involved in thanks to

Once you’re in the military, you should be able to fire a rifle, breath in the gas and participate in a battle, rolling and crawling around the field. 
One of the toughest parts of the arduous boot camp is believed to be a group march of up to 30 kilometers (18.6 miles). 
During the march, our regular Marine Corps recruits would bring 40 kilograms of equipment but it could be much lighter for alternative trainees depending on the program.

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