Hong Kong Premier League continues to be postponed due to Coronavirus

Photo: Hong Kong Premier League

The Hong Kong Premier League have released a statement to their social media channels announcing that the league will continue to be postponed until further notice. 

Hong Kong Premier League still postponed

The Hong Kong Premier League posted a statement announcing that the league will remain postponed until further notice. The announcement stated that the Hong Kong Football Association Training Centre will also remain closed.

As with other leagues, the issue causing the league postponement is the Coronavirus pandemic which is continuing its spread around the world even though a host of countries have went into lockdown to fight it.

With no end in sight when it comes to the Coronavirus, the Hong Kong FA have said that they will monitor the situation closely and discuss with their relevant parties as the situation continues to develop.

Sapling Cup 

In Hong Kong, they have already played most of the Sapling Cup, although they went ahead behind closed doors. Only the final is left to be played, but this has also fallen foul and has been postponed.

The Hong Kong Football Association have listed on their website that the final will take place on the 10th May, but this could also be postponed in the future if the Coronavirus continues to affect the world as it is now.

Hong Kong is added to the massive list of leagues around the world that currently has no football. 

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