FreeSports acquires Chinese Super League rights


UK free-to-air (FTA) broadcaster FreeSports has acquired rights to the Chinese Super League (CSL), according to the Daily Mail.

FreeSports getting in for the footy first

FreeSports might have pulled a rabbit out of the hat here, because right now there is no football anywhere, in any major league around the world because of the Coronavirus. Alas, the story on the grapevine is that the Chinese Super League could be up and running before the rest (which makes sense with China slowly removing its lockdown around the country).

This will mean that the Chinese Super League would be one of the first leagues to start back up again, and if that happens, they could have a bigger audience than usual, as the search for football to watch, any football has become a bit obsessive for some folk.

I include myself in the obsessed dying to watch a game of footy, I don't remember the last time I spent a weekend watching footy. Now I do know it is right that footy has stopped because of the Coronavirus, but at the same time there is a big empty void on my Saturday afternoon, or evening (different for everyone depending where you are in the world).

There are plenty others like me, gagging for a bit of footy on the tellybox. The Chinese Super League normally would not be considered by many as an option to watch in the UK, but right now, the audience could be off the scale, with everyone in lockdown, and no footy. A massive win, win for the Chinese Super League and FreeSports.

Rights secured, but no new start date for the league

FreeSports may have secured the rights, but as far as we can tell, there is still no new start date for the Chinese Super League. And with China banning the entry of all foreigners according to RTE, this could be a sticking point to re-start the league, because why would you not want to have your key signing in your team.

And most foreign signings in China do become the key players in their teams. Therefore, if the Chinese Super League doesn't start soon, and the COVID-19 outbreaks are overcome elsewhere. Then FreeSports Chinese Super League rights could go back to being a target of a very niche market in the UK.

Will their gamble pay off? Only time will tell on that, but we guess that it is a good gamble for the company to make at this moment in time. 

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